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Welcome to the Manitoba Chapter of the International  Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) website. Here you can learn about InterNACHI and our role in the Home Inspection Profession in Manitoba .

What is InterNACHI-Manitoba?  

InterNACHI-Manitoba is an organization of individual Home Inspectors whose mission is to support and regulate the Home Inspection Profession in Manitoba , Canada , North America .  Members who have met or exceed our requirements for education, experience and reporting  may earn the designation of  Certified Inspector.

InterNACHI-Manitoba, and Provincial/State or Regional InterNACHI Organizations across North Amercia and the world , are members of InterNACHI.  

Who is a Certified Inspector  

In Manitoba , only full members of InterNACHI, may hold the CERTIFIED designation. To become a full member of InterNACHI requires extensive training, experience and reporting ability.

Members come from a variety of professional, technical and trade backgrounds including many with prior inspection experience.  When they have successfully completed the education, exams, and inspection reports, they become Certified Inspectors.

All Members are required to keep their knowledge and inspections current through ongoing education and testing.
To get started, increase your knowledge or comfirm your information go to www.nachi.org, Education  Our resources are second to none.

Inspection Standards of Practice  

Certified InterNACHI Members are required to inspect and report as per our Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. These Standards prescribe a minimum standard for Residential and Commercial inspections. All Certified members must meet or exceed these standards to maintain membership in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).  The Standards define in detail what we inspect, what we don't, and how we report our findings.  

How to Arrange a Home Inspection  

To arrange a Home Inspection you should contact one of our Certified Members.  To find a qualified Inspector go to Inspector Seek and type in the postal code of the subject property you want inspected.

You will get a list of certified inspectors from the closest to your site followed by those located further away.