In the past month, several complaints have been submitted to our office regarding a Winnipeg based home inspector who appears to have published misleading affiliations in the Winnipeg Yellow Pages. During a telephone quote, the complainants stated they were told by the inspector that they were an active member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, (CAHPI). The complainants were also told that the home inspector was a member of MAHI and the Manitoba Chapter of NACHI.

The use of the acronym CAPHI has been used in the Winnipeg Yellow Pages. (Notice the P and the H have been switched in the yellow pages ad). This acronym, as far as our association knows stands only for the California Association for Physical and Health Impairments. There is no known home inspection association with the acronym CAPHI, or no known Canadian Home Inspection website where consumers can refer to with the name of CAPHI in it.

To our knowledge, MAHI only has one member, the home inspector himself who created MAHI. To our knowledge, MAHI has no known published Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice, or web page for consumers to refer to like other reputable associations have web sites to refer to.

To date, our office can also verify, that the home inspector is not a member of the Manitoba Chapter of NACHI.

Both complainants felt as if they had been mislead during the quest to hire a home inspector. They were lead to believe they were hiring a home inspector with several different affiliations and claim they would not have retained their services if they had of known that they were the only member of a self- invented association.

When selecting a home inspector, consumers must be extra cautious and throughly research the home inspection associations which inspectors claim to be associated with. For more information on inspector affiliations and accreditations, navigate through our website or visit: